Professional property and real estate photography is not just about taking a photograph, it starts with clear understanding of the marketing program and how to make it work. Creative composition and angles can transform a room and ensure the best features and attributes are captured and showcased.

Correct lighting is essential to ensure an evenly lit environment and we utilise a range of lighting from flash to full studio lighting to ensure this is correct. It is also essential that the room is styled correctly and unwanted objects are removed where possible. Where this is not possible, we can ensure that all the unwanted items, small and large, are removed in digital post production by our experienced digital artists. This is also where new skies are added on overcast days and grass made greener when it’s dry weather to ensure the perfect picture is achieved.

Our property photography is undertaken either during daytime or at dusk depending on the best features of your home and as a general guide, we would recommend the following:


It may be that the perfect choice for your property is a combination of all three to ensure the best of your property is captured. We suggest you look at the sample photographs in our portfolio to help guide your decision.